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Medaica Launches Telehealth+ Remote Diagnostics Platform

Designed to unburden clinics, Telehealth+ offers affordable remote auscultation and diagnostics modules

HENDERSON, NV, USA, Mar 28, 2023 -  Medaica, a digital health company, extending the capability of home diagnostics, today launched Telehealth+, a remote auscultation and diagnostics platform, designed to unburden clinics via affordable and simple clinical-grade remote exams.

Telehealth+ comes bundled with the Medaica M1 Telehealth Stethoscope, an FDA-cleared (Note 1) stethoscope for Over-the-Counter (OTC) use by consumers and is available as a complete telehealth system or in modules that are interoperable with existing telehealth systems.

“With Telehealth+ and the FDA-cleared Medaica M1 Telehealth Stethoscope, providers can now extend auscultation to anyone with an internet connected device,” said Stephen Randall, CEO of Medaica. “We envision a new generation of telehealth applications that provide much more than simple video calls. For millions of patients and their providers, clinical-grade exams via what we could call ‘Telehealth 2.0,’ has the power to democratize access to healthcare and help unburden clinics.”

For more details on how the Medaica M1 Telehealth Stethoscope and Medaica Telehealth+ can enhance telehealth offerings, please contact or visit


About Medaica

Medaica is a digital health company, extending the reach and capability of home diagnostics. The company’s mission is to enable affordable access to quality healthcare for everyone. Medaica’s products include the FDA-cleared Medaica M1 Telehealth Stethoscope and Medaica Telehealth+, a digital diagnostics and telehealth platform. Medaica is headquartered in Henderson, Nevada, with offices in London and Madrid.

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Medaica, Medaica Telehealth+ and Medaica M1 Telehealth Stethoscope are trademarks of Medaica Inc.


Media Contact: Stephen Randall,

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