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MEDAICA is a HealthTech company dedicated to extending the capability of remote care; simply and affordably.



There is a huge gap between willingness to use Telehealth and actual use in most medical specialties due to lack of easy to use, affordable and compatible platforms and relevant devices.

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Medaica’s Platform and Products have been designed for interoperability with any Telehealth application.


Priced for consumer scale, fully reimbursed by CPT codes.


Ease of use for patients, minimal workflow changes for healthcare professionals.


Plug & play, interoperable with any telemedicine platform.


During 2020, CPT codes have been approved for a wide variety of Telehealth sevices. The Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services now reimburses Telemedicine, Remote Patient Monitoring or “Hospital at Home” among other services. 

Our goal is to have a Medaica compatible device and platform in every household in order to facilitate doctor-patient interaction. We hope to achieve the same adoption as digital thermometers, blood pressure monitors and pulse oximeters. We will start serving the population with chronic conditions as well as people with mobility problems or in remote locations.


Households USA, EU & UK

358M Households in the USA and Western Europe.
EU 195M
USA 133 M
UK 30M

World Bank 2020


McKinsey 2021

~20% of Medicare, Medicaid, Outpatient, Office and Home Health spend could be virtualized.

Growth of Digital First


Consumer Digital Health

82% of consumers view digital options as the best way to monitor health

McKinsey 2021



94% of healthcare professionals believe interoperability is critical.

Deloitte Insights 2020


CDC Fact Sheet 2019

Physician Office Visits in USA in 2019

503M Primary Care consultations in USA in 2019. 


209,000 Primary Care Physicians in USA

Adults visited a Dr. last year

CDC Fact Sheet 2019


Patients in Licensed Nursing Homes in USA in 2019

CDC Fact Sheet 2019


20% people in the USA have been diagnosed with heart disease 27M, Asthma 25M, COPD 23M.

CDC Fact Sheet 2019



Sci-Fi's vision of the future included devices that could diagnose patients instantly. Reality is getting there, but the devil is in the details. Several digital devices today can diagnose a few conditions, but most are proprietary, expensive, difficult to use and not regulated for home use. A platform that enables smart diagnostic devices that are more than niche medical tools needs:


 • Interoperability of software and hardware to enable healthcare providers and patients to use any solutions that work with their existing systems.


• Consumer-centric design to deliver ease of use at an affordable price with regulatory clearance for “Over the Counter” home use.


• Technology and IP that’s robust, scalable and licensable in an open ecosystem for AI tools and devices.


We’re building that platform to enable plug-and-play interoperability for medical devices, specifically focused on remote diagnostics and advancing telehealth utility.


We will introduce our platform and first compatible devices for in-home use and agnostic remote connectivity for clinicians in early 2022. As we expand our platform, we will open our APIs to 3rd party developers, diagnostic AI/ML and device OEMS.

We hope the future we are building excites you as much as it does us.

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End-to-End Virtual Care Use Cases

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Our Cause

MEDAICA is working on a cause-driven campaign under the banner of, to provide devices at low or no cost to remote, underserved communities and disadvantaged groups. In the USA, nearly 53 million people (16% of population) live more than 30 miles from a hospital or urgent care. Globally, an estimated one billion people have no access to essential health-care services. The campaign aims to raise awareness of this issue and underpins MEDAICA’s mission.


About us


We are passionate about making remote care available to everyone, simply and affordably.


Medaica was founded by serial entrepreneurs with multiple successful exits, a combined 50+ years in HealthTech/MedTech and over 100 years in software platforms.


Our team has the unique experience of not only designing, developing and shipping innovative consumer electronics products to millions of people worldwide, but also developing robust, secure and scalable software solutions for hundreds of millions of users.


We approach HealthTech from a different perspective and we believe we can help accelerate its transformation in the same way we catalyzed change in other industries.



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A serial entrepreneur with global experience building technology platform businesses, Stephen was COO of M3dicine, a MedTech device company.  CEO of LocaModa Inc., a Digital Out of Home platform company (acquired by Monster Media),  Founder/COO of Symbian, the mobile OS company and Joint CEO of Psion Software PLC., a  mobile computing company (acquired by Nokia), Founder/CEO of Edan Group (acquired by Geoworks). 

Recipient of British Design Award for Stepp Digital Guitar. Architecture - Cardiff University. 

pablo no draculaIMG_4621.jpg


President / CFO

Before MEDAICA, Pablo was CFO at M3dicine a MedTech company and CEO of AmeriMed, the largest chain of American hospitals in Mexico where he led the company turnaround. With 15 years of experience in M&A at European and American banks, he led multiple cross-border deals in Healthcare, Biotech, Health Insurance and Pharma.  Besides Medaica, he co-founded 2 companies in the technology space, both currently in growth stage and advised many others. Angel investor. Pablo holds a Wharton MBA, MA in International Studies from Univ. of Penn/Lauder Institute and a post-grad degree in Mgmt. from Harvard University. 

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Mark has over thirty years of technology management including senior  management/CTO roles at several start ups including  Psion PLC where he developed one of the first ARM based application specific processor chips. Former CTO of TomTom N.V. where he led the transition from a small software company into a large international consumer electronics brand. He built the engineering team that developed the company’s ground-breaking range of navigation and Health-tech devices with over a 100m units sold. BSc Engineering - University of Reading.

EDIT rsz_alisa_photo22_o.jpeg


Clinical Lead

Clinical Strategic expert in Medtech and Digital Health. Pediatric cardiologist and interventional electrophysiologist. Previously,  Chief Medical Officer, Genetesis, Inc., Team Lead-Supply Chain and Strategic partnerships, GetUsPPE, Clinical Advisory Board Member - AliveCor, Inc., Scientific Advisor - Genetesis, Inc., Fellow, Doximity, Inc., Chair, Women in Digital Health Initiative, MassChallenge.

Assistant Professor of Pediatrics and Pediatric Cardiology, Tufts University School of Medicine. 

Experience with startups that improve outcomes and reduce cost of healthcare. MD– Univ of Virginia School of Medicine. 



Head of Operations 

Consumer and Technology Products expert who has deployed >100million connected devices in over 40 countries globally (Satnav, Health-tech and Sports wearables). Former CEO of AYR and over 12 years as COO of TomTom N.V., digital map and content provider.

Over 35 years’ experience in early-stage companies through to IPO and onto consumer brands with global recognition. Builder of high-performance companies, products and teams. Deep expertise in supply chain and operations management.

MBA - Univ. Hertfordshire.



Head of Software

Before MEDAICA, Nick was founder and Head of Software at Double Down Interactive (acquired by IGT) an entertainment software company. Nick led platform development from concept, and launch to scale to 4.7 million monthly active users and exit ($500M). Prior to Double Down Interactive, Nick had 20+ years developing software platforms for startups and Fortune 100s such as IBM, AT&T, and Intel companies. Angel investor.

BA, Philosophy and Literature – Univ of Toronto



Head of Product

20+ years experience developing high-end technology applications and solutions. Before MEDAICA Dan was CPO of iPro and helped develop the product. Prior to iPro, Dan was founder and Head of Product at Double Down Interactive (acquired by IGT) an entertainment software company that he helped to grow to support over 1 million daily players, 100+ employees, and one of the top grossing iPad and Facebook applications. Dan is also Head of Technology for Drop in the Bucket, a non-profit building wells and sanitations systems at schools in Africa. Board member at IndieFlix Group Inc. Angel Investor. Berklee College of Music

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